Small Steps – Big Impact

If you look back over your life, no matter how long you’ve been alive, it’s easy to see how little things have had a significant lasting impact.  Small acts of obedience are often overlooked because they seem “too small or meaningless.”  While they may seem insignificant to us, our vision is too limited to know how God will use it. Those “small” acts are often the first step toward a much larger plan.  God has a plan for each believer’s life and a specific way to make it happen.  We see a specific example of how small steps can have a big impact in the life of Peter.

In Luke 5, we find Jesus teaching on the shore of lake Gennesaret. The crowd grew too big so Jesus needed a better vantage point to continue teaching.  He asked Peter to row Him off shore to solve the problem.  This simple act of letting Jesus use his boat as a floating platform became a turning point in Peter’s life.  Peter was probably tired (and frustrated) as he had been fishing all night and hadn’t caught anything.  It would have been easy to refuse Jesus’ request, but imagine what he would have missed out on.

We aren’t too different from Peter!  Jesus still calls people to seemingly small acts of obedience.  Too often we see these promptings as inconvenient and unimportant.  When Peter let Jesus use his boat, he opened the door for Him to use his whole life!

How do you respond when God asks you to do something that seems irrational?  When Jesus finished teaching that day, He told Peter to row farther out to catch fish. Peter knew that the best fishing was at night…I mean, he was a fisherman! But because he had just obeyed Jesus, he got a front row seat to hear Him teach and he decided to give this crazy idea a try.  When he got to where Jesus sent him, he caught more fish than he could handle!

Because of Peter’s obedience in what seemed to be small, Jesus called him to follow Him as a disciple and transformed him into a great leader.  Imagine what God could do in our lives if we obey Him in the small things, even when it doesn’t make sense.