China update 2

Today we were moved by the things we witnessed and by what we found that we were a part of. Know that your prayers are being heard and as a result, we believe, the Spirit is moving among the people. While four members of the team went to a village the rest of us went back to the local club where I wrapped up my teaching in the book of Acts.
The other four from our group spent some time in a nearby village where we had a connection to an friend that was an unbeliever. One cannot deny what seems to be within our control simply isn’t and that there are purposes for why things happen that is beyond our understanding. While in the village, the team was invited by the head club leader to come into their facility and before too long song broke out amongst the mixed group – all the while this unsaved friend was witnessing these events unfold. Of course, there was also conversation, which he participated in; but what may have had the greatest impact was the conduct of the group and the love that was shared. Love is an unusual and rare commodity here that cannot be ignored.
The rest of us went back to the local club within L City and I wrapped up my teaching with two, three hour sessions. The teachings centered on how a growing and maturing body of believers should remain faithful to the truth and pure toward the simplicity in J.C. alone, to spread the Good News and how to treat each other with love and sincerity. At the end of the session prayer was in order. This was no ordinary prayer meeting. I can recall very few times when I have experienced anything like it. It began with some confusion on who was going to pray. But as we all stood, the silence soon turned into whispers. Those whispers we soon accompanied by sniffles and tears. Some were singing their prayers softly. The Spirit was FULL in the room. He could physically be felt. After 20-30 minutes of our individual praying, a man in the back of the room prayed one the most memorable and spirit filled prayed I’ve ever heard. I was blessed to be able to understand most of what prayed. After he prayed, we all stood gazing around the room amazed at how HE had shown up! This was on the order of Pentecost. Those of us who were privileged to participate will never be the same. 


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I serve as the pastor of Awakening Church in Bellevue, WA. It's been a blessing to have been surrounded by such great leaders and men of God who have invested in my life from such an early age. Being raised a pastor kid, I have been saturated with the word of God since day one. At the age of 7, God showed me that it was through a relationship with Jesus Christ alone that my life could be made righteous. From the mountain tops to the valleys, God continues to give me wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to lead and guide those around me. Understanding that I am following the leadership of Christ. My wife and I have a passion and love for people and are privileged to be able to serve people for His Glory. Kathy and I were married on August 2, 2003 in Atlanta, GA. God has blessed us with three amazing children, Evan, Adele, and Elijah.

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  1. So thankful for this good report. Sounds like God has been present working in hearts of the people. He is to be praised. Much love


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