China Update 4 – The Enemy Attacks, God Prevails!

In my experience, whenever God is on the move, the enemy seeks to stop that movement.  The enemy knows when our powerful God moves, He is unstoppable.  At the very beginning of a true movement of God, our enemy throws everything he can at it.  Today the enemy sought to halt the work of God…yet His mighty hand prevailed.  We are victorious in Him!  Kevin and I spent 8 hours walking pastors and church leaders through the book of Ephesians.  The rest of the team broke off to prepare a block party for the village kids.  God was on the MOVE!  It felt like the warrior King sending his spiritual warriors into battle to further establish his Kingdom agenda in the nation of China.  Things were off to a great start!  Teams went out to complete different tasks to get everything ready.  How amazing it was to see our two separate groups unite into one!  They worked hard all day in preparation.

During the pastors conference, The Spirit of God was there as we took them through the book of Ephesians in great depth.  Equipping these great warrior pastors and leaders who put their very lives on the line for the Gospel…We did not feel worthy to even be at the table with these men and women who give so much at such a great cost.  It was amazing!

30 minutes before the children’s party the enemy came in like a FLOOD!  Literally…it began to rain.  We had to shift the location to a covered pavilion in a public park.  As we began setting up the party, the police showed up to shut us down!  Melissa was making calls trying to leverage her relationships with the authorities in the village.   In the middle of this their son Jamin’s blood test results came back on his liver. (Jamin had been in the hospital previously for liver problems.)  The numbers were the highest they had ever been!  He had come close to death before and now you can imagine the fear that overcame the family.  They immediately began making arrangements to get back to the hospital in Shanghai.

The authorities approved the use of the pavilion for the party and the teams did a fantastic job!  Families from around the village came and we had a blast loving on them. God used balloons, face painting, games, and songs as a beacon of love in this village. In the mean time, Kevin and I went to support Chis and Melissa and help them make arrangements to depart.

God’s word shows us countless examples of the enemy attacking and the Lord rising up against him.  So while the enemy attempted to thwart Gods plans, Gods power prevailed.  After the party, Melissa shared with the entire group what was going on. In the middle of these shaky circumstances, she trusts that God has not abandoned them.  The Chinese young adults (some that don’t even know Jesus) said, “Yes!! We know God has not abandoned you!”  We all circled up and laid hands on Melissa and Chris…and just prayed.  I opened my mouth and truly felt the Holy Spirit speaking though me.  The very presence of God was in that room.  After the prayer, we all began to sing our theme song Psalm 81:10….”I am the Lord your God. Open wide your mouth and I will fill it!”  The presence of the Spirit seemed to permeate the room.  This was a powerful testimony to everyone in the room, believers and non-believers alike. Whatever circumstances you face in the hands of the the enemy, don’t despair… our God is greater!

Please join us in praying for this pivotal last full day of camp. We see many students and translators being drawn by the Holy Spirit. What a privilege it is to be used by God.  Also lift up Jamin. He is in a stable place right now but we pray for healing.  Most of all, we pray for the glory of God to be clearly seen in all we do.

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