Moving to Seattle!


As God led us back to America [from China] four years ago, we knew that He was in control and we continued seeking His direction for our future.  We were unsure of why He was bringing us back at the time, but but since then we have gained greater clarity to His purposes. Our experience in China changed much about who we are, how we see the world, and oftentimes the way we minister to others.  Trying to “pick-up where I left off” when returning to America was a very challenging experience.  Over the past four years, God has allowed me to gain much experience serving in different executive pastor roles. During that time, I felt that those roles were preparing me for something much different than what I was doing, but continued to serve faithfully.  Through our network of friends, supporters, and much prayer, God opened our eyes to the multitudes of Chinese people living in the Seattle area.  This initially peaked our interest as did the city itself.

We have been attracted to the city since we first visited 9 years ago, but mostly for our own desires and purposes. But the more we prayed and spent time in the city, the more we felt a great love for the people and a sense that God was leading us there.  He gave us a vision to see a gospel-centered, disciple-making community that loves and serves Seattle in God’s power, for God’s glory.

Over time, we have increasingly come under the conviction that what the city of Seattle needs is more gospel-centered churches planted in it’s midst. I felt the Lord leading our family to declare the gospel and make disciples in Seattle, but I knew that we needed help.

We left our church in San Antonio and began meeting with church planters and other experienced individuals that could help better equip us for what God was calling us to do.  Since we will be new to the Seattle area, we feel led to parter with other local church planters for the first 6-12 months to better position us to launch successfully with a solid Core Team and a better understanding of the culture. In addition, the North American Mission Board will help to provide us with one of the most extensive support systems anywhere, including prayer support, assessment, training, focus community exegesis, partnership development, coaching, advocates, planter networks, spouse networks, family gatherings, online giving, an administrative hub, block party trailers, portable baptistries, and more.

We believe God is moving in the city of Seattle and stirring his people for a movement of making and growing disciples by God’s grace, for God’s glory.  We feel compelled to join him in what he’s doing.

To read more about our vision, ministry plan, and needs, please download our prospectus.

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