Few things in life are as important as finding your purpose. When you understand something’s purpose, you can put up with all kinds of inconveniences. As we sensed God leading us to Washington, we understood that there would be inconveniences and challenges of leaving the familiar for the unfamiliar…leaving the comfortable for the uncomfortable…leaving the known for the unknown. However, as our specific purpose becomes more clear, the way we see the inconveniences begins to transform.

  1. We know that our purpose is not about usit’s about God’s glory.
  2. We know that our purpose is mostly about what God is doing IN us.
  3. We know that His purpose will be fulfilled in our surrender to God.

”God will fulfill his purpose for me…he will not forsake the work of his hands.’’ Psalm 138:8

God continues to open incredible relational and organizational doors for us in the Seattle area.  Each week we are teaching multiple ESL classes that have become a great opportunity to help people discover Jesus. This past month we have seen two of our ESL students open their hearts to Jesus! We now have a new believers class that we lead every Tuesday morning.  Several attending students have not yet received Jesus, but the Holy Spirit is clearly drawing them closer to Himself each day. Please continue to pray for these new believers and explorers that we are meeting with.

Over the past few weeks, a new local partnership has begun to take shape with an organization called Jubilee Reach. Jubilee REACH partners with local businesses, churches, the Bellevue School District and area nonprofits to step in the gap for those in need. For the past 12 years, Jubilee Reach has been meeting the needs of our community where they are presented with compassionately delivered service. Through this developing relationship, they have extended an invitation for us to teach a weekly ESL Bible class, provide meeting space for our church plant, and parter with us to help reach Bellevue with the good news of Jesus.

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Our developing relationships and connections to the nations is incredible. Part of our vision stems from our passion for participating in the expansion of the global work of the gospel. We know with certainty thatreaching the world starts with obedience to the work of the gospel wherever we are. Each month, week, and day present us with the next step of obedience as we walk in faith. Be encouraged to be faithful to the purpose that God has specifically for you. God will fulfill his purposes as we daily surrender to Him.

We enjoyed spending some time with my parents this past week. The challenge of living farther away makes visits more challenging and infrequent…but more treasured when they happen. Getting to show them our city and the doors God is opening helped them experience first-hand how God is at work in and through us.

Prayer Points

  1. Pray for the new believers and others that are discovering Jesus.
  2. Pray for clear vision as we seek specific direction with Jubilee REACH.
  3. Pray for financial and prayer partnerships for sustained ministry.