Celebrate With Us: 2021 WMO

I’m so proud of the people of Awakening Church. We were challenged once again last December to give joyfully and sacrificially to our World Mission Offering. There’s no better picture than to see our collective hearts being renewed as we risk and sacrifice to advance God’s Kingdom! Every year through our World Mission Offering, we have the opportunity to bring help and hope to a hurting world. This past December, your generosity will transform lives with the gospel. 100% of these gifts to the WMO directly support ministries and missionaries in Seattle, The West, and The World.

SEATTLE – 20% supports our local ministry partners (Jubilee REACH, Liberty Road Foundation & Light of Love)

THE WEST – 15% supports church planting in the western part of the United States. (Remedy City Church, Portland, OR & Bread of Life International Fellowship, Kent, WA)

THE WORLD – 65% supports international mission efforts through individual partnerships and the International Mission Board.

We believe the Bible is true, and Jesus is Lord! Because of that, our lives have significant implications for living open-handed, realizing that all we have belongs to God. Jesus and our intimacy with Him is now the center and driving force of our lives as we bring Jesus to the world. As a living sacrifice, we are driven to obey God and leave the consequences to Him.

I believe the most significant limitation of the conquering march of Jesus today is not secularism, materialism, commercialism, or Atheism. I think it’s comfortable Christians that play it safe because they don’t want to take the radical claims of Jesus Christ upon our lives seriously.

This life is short, and the eternity of people in our homes, schools, businesses, city, and world need the transforming hope of Jesus. Let’s risk it all for the gospel!

Thank you for joining us for the journey as we strive to reach Seattle, The West, and The World. With every step of faith, we are in desperate need of God’s redeeming grace, and he is deepening our love and passion for His Kingdom.Please continue to pray, give and encourage us on the battlefield! We need you and are grateful to God for you.

Please pray for:
1. A permanent home for Awakening Church.
2. Boldness as we share the hope of Jesus with apathetic people.
3. Faithfulness and patience to make disciples, not just converts.
4. Deepening dependence on God to meet our needs and open the eyes of the blind.