Awakening Church February Update

The gospel is only good news for someone if it gets to them in time.”
Carl Henry

The life of a Jesus follower is living out the 4Ds (Depend, Display, Declare, Deploy) in our everyday lives. As Jesus is to us, we are called to be to others.If Jesus sacrificed himself to save us, it makes sense that we ought to offer ourselves to bring salvation to others. A living sacrifice!

On the first Saturday of every month, we deploy on mission in our community by serving the often overlooked people in need. In partnership with Reach Ministries, we have organized an outreach effort that consists of different ways to engage the homeless community.

Some of our AC Kid’s packed and prayed over 54 Blessing Bags this week to bless the homeless. Each bag had a handwritten note, chocolate, a Bible, and socks. Please pray for us as we intentionally engage the brokenness of our city every day.

A big part of our ministry engaging the adult entertainment industry involves building relationships and deepening connections as we display Jesus and declare the gospel. We have learned that one of the best ways is to open a relational door involves bringing a small gift of blessing. The favorite thing by far seems to be homemade baked goods.

We love to see the smiles and opening hearts as we engage in this ministry every week. As the baked goods are being prepared, we are saturating the entire process in prayer. As the oven is preheated, ingredients mixed, and the baking process completed and delivered, we ask God to open the hearts of these ladies who feel trapped in their situations and that they will experience living hope.

We anticipate great reports and stories to share about the impact of baked goods. Please pray for a Kingdom impact as we engage the adult entertainment industry each week.

Since the pandemic began to take its toll, our engagement in the Chinese community has become more complex. The tension between fear and precaution has paralyzed so many people. However, we are pleased to begin a new Chinese Bible study this month. Each Wednesday, we will gather for encouragement, prayer, fellowship, and growth in God’s Word. Pray for the leaders and our Chinese community to engage in gospel relationships again

This month, Pastor Jonah had the privilege to lead a breakout session at the North American Mission Board Send Network gathering in Anaheim, California. The idea for the breakout was thinking through the challenges that COVID brought, how to maximize, restructure, pivot, etc. He talked through 11 challenges and priorities to help navigate difficult times. Some included taking care of yourself, healthy neediness, prioritizing your relationship with God and prayer, being watchful as our enemy prowls around, identifying essentials, and reevaluating success metrics.

The last time we were in India was January 2020, right before the world shut down. We are excited to be taking a team of 10 to India in early May. Once again, we will be working with a dear ministry partner outside of Mumbai. We will host pastor training, evangelistic rallies, and Kids Camps in rural tribal villages on this trip. Our partner operates a non-profit called the Immanuel Foundation that engages unengaged/unreached people groups through starting schools, primary medical clinics, and planting churches.

Since our planning began last September, we have had many changes and obstacles to overcome. We need your prayer for our team, the villages where we are going, and the decreasing spread of Covid-19 that could impact our ability to go. 

Our passion for engaging unreached people with the gospel and planting churches drives us to risk much. We need your support and prayers as an army lifting us and pushing us forward to the front lines.

Thank you for joining us for the journey as we strive to reach Seattle, The West, and The World. We desperately need God’s redeeming grace with every step of faith, and He is deepening our love and passion for His Kingdom.Please continue to pray, give, and encourage us on the battlefield! We need you and are grateful to God for you.

Pray for us as we intentionally engage the brokenness of our city.
Pray for a Kingdom impact as we engage the adult entertainment industry.
Pray for the leaders and our Chinese community to engage in gospel relationships again.
Pray for our India mission team, the villages where we are going, and the decreasing spread of Covid-19. 
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I serve as the pastor of Awakening Church in Bellevue, WA. It's been a blessing to have been surrounded by such great leaders and men of God who have invested in my life from such an early age. Being raised a pastor kid, I have been saturated with the word of God since day one. At the age of 7, God showed me that it was through a relationship with Jesus Christ alone that my life could be made righteous. From the mountain tops to the valleys, God continues to give me wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to lead and guide those around me. Understanding that I am following the leadership of Christ. My wife and I have a passion and love for people and are privileged to be able to serve people for His Glory. Kathy and I were married on August 2, 2003 in Atlanta, GA. God has blessed us with three amazing children, Evan, Adele, and Elijah.

1 thought on “Awakening Church February Update

  1. Thank you for the updates.  Your church is doing great things in Washington State.  My son lives in Olympia. He and his wife (Matt and Ilene) are not believers.  I pray for their salvation every day. I know that the “left coast states” need God’s Word and his free gift of salvation so be strong and courageous, like the Lord told Jonah!  In Him, Carole Newton, Carrollton, TX, member of Prestonwood Baptist Church 


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